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Updated: Mar 31

Bowls Surrey

Champion of Champions

Simon Fillary lost his R1 match to Neil Callingham at Wonersh.

Unbadged Singles

Alan Mogg reached R2

Simon Fillary reached R5 semi-finals

Nick Anderson reached Div 8 Finals!

Alan won his R1 match against Richard Carne of Haslemere on 18 May but could not overcome Alfie Simmons of Stoke Park in R2.

Simon enjoyed a bye to R2 where he defeated Steve Neaves of Woodbridge Hill on 25 May. He overcame Karl Hagan at Godalming in R3 on 4 June. He then beat Peter Botting of Stoke Park in R4. His progress this year ended with a defeat to David Stevens of Cranleigh in R5, the Div 8 semi finals.

Nick also began his campaign with a bye into R2 where he met and defeated Bob Uffold of Holloway Hill on 25 May. He then played and defeated Ian Jones at Bramley BC, and on 7 June he beat John Wills at Merrow BC to reach R5. Nick subsequently defeated Barry Fairhurst of Farnham on 15 June to reach the Div8 finals.

In the Zone finals Nick defeated Graham Thompson of Horley in R1, Chris Turner of Old Dean in R2.

In the Unbadged Singles Final on 30 July at Croydon BC Nick Anderson came up against Michael Kerbey of Malden Manor. Struggling initially to find his line and weight Nick went 4 down in the first end and and found himself 10 - 0 down after 6 ends. However after 15 ends, including two beautiful drives which netted him 7 shots, Nick had pegged his opponent back to 13 - 13. After 20 ends, and despite some great shots by Nick, Michael edged ahead 17 -15. In the 21st end, in a repeat of the first end, Nick conceded 4 to give Michael Kerbey the title 21- 15. A high quality game in which Nick acquitted himself well.

Open Singles

Nick reached R2

Simon reached R2

Nick Anderson overcame Paul Spiegel of Haslemere in R1 at Burpham on 2 June but went out to Richard Carn of Haslemere in R2 in a tight game on 17 June.

Simon Fillary beat Steve Neaves of Woodbridge Hill in R1 on 10 June but lost to Neil Callingham of Wonersh in R2 on 17 June.


No less than 6 pairs entered. Geoff Sheldon & Barry Macbeth had to concede their R1 match (health reasons). The remaining entrants all enjoyed byes into R2 which was played on 9 June:

  • Keith Sutton & Mick Pearce lost to Albury in R2.

  • Peter Challens & Ron Belcher lost to Steve Paice and Gary Crumper from Woodbridge Hill in R2.

  • Alan Mogg & Andy Jones got a bye when their Stoke Park opponents failed to show. They then beat a pair at Woodbridge Hill on 16 June to go through to R4 where they lost to Eamon O'Flynn of Cranleigh team on 23 June at home.

  • Rex Thorpe & Alan Hughes beat a Farnham in R1 and Cranleigh in R2 but lost to Woodbridge Hill in R3 on 16 June.

  • Nick Anderson & Simon Fillary got a bye to R2 where they lost to a Milford pair.


Simon Fillary, Alan Mogg and Peter Challens (sub for Colin Colbrook) got through R1 but lost their R2 match against Nigel Whiteman's Cranleigh team at Burpham on 14 June.

Nick Anderson, Ron Belcher and Andy Jones lost their R2 match against Steve Kercher of Woodbridge Hill on 14 June.

Geoff Sheldon, Keith Sutton and Alan Hughes successfully negotiated R1 and R2 but narrowly lost to Tony Skinner, Steve Paice and Gary Crumper in R3 at Woodbridge Hill on 14 June, despite leading for 15 ends!

Fours R1 13 June

Fillary, Colbrook, Belcher & Mogg went out in R1 against Andy Newell's team at Woking Park .

Senior Fours R1 19 May

Colbrook, Belcher, Jones & Mogg went out to Tommy Young's team at Farnham in R1

Area 4 Top Four R1 2 July

The Fillary, Mogg, and Colbrook trio plus John Kershaw fell at the first hurdle to Merrow 13 - 20 at home.

Mixed Pairs R1 12 June

Simon and Sarah Fillary went out in R1 to a Wonersh pair at home.

West Surreys

Champion of Champions

Simon Fillary progressed to R3 where his progress was halted by David McCallum of Camberley on 5 August.

SIngles R1 13 July

Simon Fillary lost to Graham Maulle of Woodbridge Hill.

Alan Mogg lost his R1 match to Neil Callingham of Wonersh.

Following a no show by his R1 opponent, Geoff Sheldon then eased past Michael Paine of Merrow in R2 on 27 July. His journey ended in his match against Graham Maulle at Woodbridge Hill in R3 on 21 August.

Nick Anderson got past Connor Hayes of Old Dean in R1 but went out to Tony Reynolds of Old Dean in R3.


Colin Colbrook and Ron Belcher lost to Steve Paice of Woodbridge Hill in R1 on 23 June

Keith Sutton and Alan Hughes conceded their R2 match to a Mytchett pair on 14 July.

Geoff Sheldon & Peter Challens had a very successful run in the competition to the semi-finals defeating two pairs from Old Dean on the way. Unfortunately Covid intervened and took Geoff out of the game so robbing the pair of their chance of fame and fortune!

Alan Mogg and Andy Jones beat David Bailey and partner from Woking Park to reach R3. The lost narrowly to Richard Humphrey and partner from Cranleigh on 4 July.

Simon Fillary & Nick Anderson beat Andy Palmer of Bramley in R1, then Roger Humphrey of Godalming to reach R3 where they went out to Mark Lewis of Godalming on 25 July.

John Kershaw & Alan Hughes lost to Richard Humphrey of Cranleigh.


Our two triples teams both lost their opening games:

Peter Challens, Geoff Sheldon & Ron Belcher lost to Andrew Boarer's trio on 12 July in R2 at Mayford Hall.

Alan Mogg, Simon Fillary & Colin Colbrook lost to Graham Maulle's three at Woodbridge Hill in their R3 match on 2 August.


Bye to R3 Alan Mogg, Simon Fillary & Colin Colbrook & Peter Challens. This R3 match against four from Old Dean resulted in our team's exit from this competition.

Harry Mills Trophy

This is a men's triples competition. 6 players play 3 at home, 3 away. The score is combined to find the winning team.

We entered 2 squads this year.

The A team played Mayford Hall on 8 July. Playing the away leg was Mick Pearce, Andy Jones & Nick Anderson. They had a magnificent 33-9 result at Mayford Hall.

The home team of Colin Colbrook, Alan Mogg & Simon Fillary did themselves justice with a 22-7 score when Mayford shook hands on the result.

The next round was against Godalming on Friday 30th July. The away triple lost by 6 but the home trio won by 13 so an overall win by 7.

Round 4, against Knaphill on 20 August, marked the end of this year's progress.

The B team played against Farnham on 9 July. The away triple of John Kershaw, Alan Hughes & Keith Sutton lost by 7 shots. The home triple, Rod Spencer, Vince Hopkinson and, late substitute, Terry Keeley, went down heavily.


Champion of Champions

Unfortunately a first round exit for Simon Fillary on 29 May to Carl Chadbond at Tongham

Club Two Fours

Burpham comfortably eased past Byfleet at Burpham on Sunday 29 May. Our next opponents were a strong team from Egham, which included an England player! Needless to say despite a late rally from one of our rinks we were soundly beaten.

Mens Top Club

We lost 3 - 2 to Cranleigh in R1.

2 wood singles Geoff Sheldon

4 wood singles Nick Anderson

Pairs Peter Challens & Simon Fillary

Triples Alan Mogg, Colin Colbrook, Andy Jones

Fours Keith Sutton, Alan Hughes, Mick Pearce,

Tony Allcock Trophy

And now some good news!

This is a mixed knockout competition for over 60s. The format is 2 rinks, 2 men & 2 ladies on each rink play 18 ends, the score is combined. Our 2 teams are:

Margaret Liley, Adrienne Hughes, Andy Jones & Keith Sutton

Glenda Mogg, Linda Macbeth, Peter Challens & Alan Mogg

This season's campaign started away to Byfleet where we won fairly easily on both rinks to go through to the next round away to West End. This proved more challenging. We won one rink but lost the other. The scores were level which resulted in an extra end being played. Peter managed to 'draw' the winning shot to take us through.

On Sunday 10th July, we played at home against Cranleigh. Keith's rink were 10-0 up after 6 ends, 14-2 up after 11 ends and finished at 16-11.

Alan's rink were down 15-2 after 10 ends but in the second half of the game went on a run and finished losing narrowly 17-19. So overall, the score was 33-30 taking us into the ZONE FINAL.

The final was played against Egham at West Byfleet on the 24th July. We made a reasonable start on both rinks but at the halfway mark Egham had built a solid lead in the match. A late rally was not enough to turn the match round so unfortunately the journey ended there.


SCWB Champion of Champions

Sarah Fillary lost to Jane Muffett of Mytchett in R1 on 3 June.

Unbadged Singles

Glenda Mogg got a bye into R2 where she lost to Susan Butterfield of Knaphill.


Two pairs entered: Glenda Mogg and Wendy Sheldon got a bye to R2 where they lost to a pair from Godalming & Farncombe. Adrienne and Catherine Hughes lost in R1 to a Mytchett couple.


Three triples entered.

Linda Macbeth, Sarah Fillary and Ruth Milsom got through R1 against a trio from Knaphill but lost to a team from Milford in R2, by just a single shot.

Glenda Mogg, Wendy Sheldon and Jane Regan also went out in R1 to a team led by Helen Newell of Woking Pk.

Adrienne Hughes, Maureen Thomas and Catherine Hughes also went out in R1 to a Camberley team.

Ladies Top Club

Burpham lost 4-0 to Knaphill away in round 1.

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