Click on links below for details of team selections

You need to sign up for selection for matches.  From May 17 we can use the clipboards in the clubhouse to sign up for matches.  Alternatively you can use the online facility by clicking on the blue box below.  Captains of the day should send their match results to Club Captain Alan Mogg, and to Geoff Sheldon at to be posted on the website.


The tabs below show selected teams. 

If you have been selected please make sure you inform the captain of the day immediately if you subsequently find you are unable to play, to allow time for a replacement to be found.   

All match fees waived for 2021 for full members.  Roll-ups for non-playing members (5 times maximum) £4.00 each time


                                                Match tea duties                                                 Match bar duties

Please note that many matches have changed from whites to grey.  Check the selection sheet.