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Updated: May 5

May 4

As planned we went ahead trialling the system in a limited way on WSL and SAPPHIRE, and the Friday evening league fixtures. The trial is proving partially successful but unfortunately there are some technical issues which prevent it working flawlessly. These have been reported to Bowls Surrey and I'm hopeful they will be resolved.

March 16

You may be aware we've been evaluating some online match selection systems over the past couple of years. The committee finally decided to adopt the Club Match system which has been developed by Bowls Surrey (BS). It runs alongside the system BS uses for the county competitions so if you've been involved in any of those you will be familiar with it.

Some of you have been involved in our tests and trials of the system and we are rolling it for use out this season. That will be done in a limited way starting with those of you who are members of the squads for the WSL Saturday and midweek (Friday) leagues, and the Sapphire league. On 13 March I sent an email (see below) to the 30-odd folk involved in those squads to make them aware. They will receive an email inviting them to apply for selection as and when fixtures are published on the system, around 15 April. You can see all of our season's fixtures on our website in the usual way, but you will only see them on the Club Match system as and when matches are published by their organisers.

You can access the system from the website selections page, or indeed by clicking this button.

We have assembled a support team as below. You can approach any of these with your queries and questions.

Geoff Sheldon

Cheryl Messenger

Ade Hughes

Bob Hughes

Colin Cooke.

Email of 13 March


The bowling cttee has decided to introduce the Clubmatch system this season on a gradual basis.  We're starting with the selection for just three squads;

  • WSL Saturday league (17 players)

  • WSL Midweek (Friday) league (8 players)

  • SAPPHIRE squad (13 players)

You are receiving this email because  you indicated your interest to play in these league matches on your application renewal form.  So you have been put into one or more of these three clubmatch squads.   As far as I can see you have all successfully activated your Clubmatch accounts on Bowls Surrey online, so you've had a look around the system at least.  

The managers and clubmatch system administrators for these squads are Simon Fillary (WSL Saturday) Rex Thorpe (WSL Friday) and Ade Hughes (SAPPHIRE).  These are the folk who will carry out the selections from those of you who apply to play in matches.

As you may have noticed the Team Selection page on the website includes a link to the Clubmatch system, and to user instructions to help you.

How it works is pretty straightforward conceptually:

  • the team manager will publish one or more fixtures on the system  

  • When a fixture is published, but not before, you will be able to see it.

  • When a fixture for a squad you are in is published the system will send you an email.  It will appear to come from Bowls Surrey,  inviting you to apply for selection.  There will be a link in the email to your Clubmatch system login page.

  • when you've logged into the system you will be able to apply and then confirm your application. 

  • when there are sufficient applications recorded to form a team, the team manager will be able to make their selections

  • when that's done you'll get another email telling you the outcome of your selection application.

  • the team selection will also be posted on the website and in the clubhouse.

In concept it's simple.  But I appreciate that life isn't always like that.  Our trials - some of you have experienced those - have shown that!  So I anticipate that you may encounter some problems with the technology, not least because it's new to us.  Don't worry, and don't be embarrassed to shout up if you have problems, that's to be expected. If you do have problems or queries during the selection process contact your squad manager (see above) in the first instance).  They will be supported by the team below.  

If you need some help before then please contact me or one of the team below;

I will let you know when the process starts so you will know when to look out for the email inviting you to apply for selection.

Geoff Sheldon

Cheryl Messenger

Ade Hughes

Bob Hughes



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