Men's M&S grey trousers
Waist 40" Leg 31"
Taylor trousers.jpg
Men's Taylor white trousers
Waist 40" Leg 29"
Lightweight white trousers.jpg
Men's M&S lightweight
white trousers
Waist 40" Leg 31"
Grey shorts.jpg
Taylor wet jacket.jpg
Men's Emsmorn shorts
Size: 42R
Men's Taylor wet weather jacket - XXL
For any of the above items - contact Alan Mogg 07831 186 000 - all proceeds to club funds
XL Gilet    
Man's white trews 38 waist 29 leg.jpg
Man's Henselite trousers       Waist 38 Leg 29
Gilet with patch pockets.jpg
XL Gilet with patch pockets
Ladies gret trews - size 16.jpg
Ladies Grey Trousers      Size 16
Fleece lined jacket.jpg
XL Lightweight Jacket
Emsmorn jacket.jpg
Emsmorn Wet Jacket with Fleece lining XXL
These 6 items are for sale at £3 each.

If you would like to purchase any item, please contact Wendy

Proceeds to club funds