Played on Thursday afternoons starting at 2:30pm in greys with club shirts - except for the final.  


There are two teams 'A' and 'B'.  Both teams have home and away fixtures but could find themselves both playing at home at the same time but against different teams, e.g. 2 June. The team A is run by  ?? and Team B by Alan Mogg.


Players who have expressed an interest to play in this competition will be allocated to one or other team. Husband and wife pairings will be kept together. Players are not interchangeable between A and B teams.  Players must be over 55 on 1st May 2018.


Finals Day 10 September 2020 venue tba.  (reserve date 11 September 2020)

The final 2019 Knaphill Triples league tables can be seen on this link  knaphill triples league.  



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