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2024 External Comps

Updated: 6 days ago

3 May Mens Top Club

In the first interclub competition of the season we took on our friends from Godalming & Farncombe at their ground today. The competition consists of 5 formats; 4 and 2 bowl singles, pairs, triples and fours. To win we needed to win 3 of the 5 formats. Simon Fillary won the 4 bowl singles, Peter Challens and Andy Jones were nip and tuck throughout but lost by a single point on the last end. The Fours (Keith Sutton, Geoff Sheldon, John Kershaw and Mike King also lost by just one point despite having led for 14 of the 18 ends. Rex Thorpe went down in the 2 wood singles and the triples team of Alan Mogg, Colin Colbrook and Mick Pearce also failed to secure a win.

12 May

National TwoFours competition

Team 1 of Simon Fillary, Barry Macbeth,Keith Sutton and Geoff Sheldon and team 2 of Alan Mogg, Peter Challens, John Kershaw and Andy Jones played against Camberley away in round 1 of this national competition. Despite a promising early start, especially by team 2, both teams faded in the latter half and we went down and out of the competition by 2 rinks to nil.

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