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Mens external comps 2018.

A bumper crop of entries in Surreys and West Surreys this year! So a busy few weeks ahead.

We have multiple entries in most formats in both the Surreys and West Surrey competitions. In addition we also have entries in club competitions; the Harry Mills Triples, Top Club, Two Fours, Top Fours and the Tony Alcock Trophy.

Complicated innit!

These competitions run throughout mid May to end June.

Unbadged singles - Tony Usher

Graham Liley

Simon Fiilary

Pairs Graham Liley & Peter Challens

Ron Belcher & Simon Fillary

Tony Usher & David Hart

Triples Graham Liley & Peter Challens & Simon Fillary

Fours Graham Liley & Peter Challens

Simon Fillary & Ron Belcher

In the Surrey unbadged singles Graham Liley overcame John Castle of Tongham in round 1 but then went out to Stephen Saunders of Milford in round 2. Tony Usher lost to Richard Carn of Halsemere. Simon Fillary had a bye to round 2 where he met John Carrington of Cranleigh. After a tight game Simon lost by a small margin.

In the pairs Tony and David Hart lost to pair from Tongham in round 1. Graham and Peter had a bye into round 2 where they met a strong pair from Woodbridge Hill on 31 May. Graham and Peter made a slow start but recovered to win by a single shot. In round 3 they took on a pair from Godalming on 7 June and this resulted in the end of their run for this year!

Also on 31 May Simon and Ron Belcher overcame a pair from Bramley by a slightly larger margin. Both matches were played at Burpham in very wet conditions. In round 3 Simon and Ron went out to a pair from Woodbridge Hill on 7 June

In the triples Graham's team lost against a trio from Bramley in round 3 on 5 June. Graham had to withdraw due to injury and was replaced by Alan Mogg. And in the fours competition Graham's team came up against Egham on 4 June in round 2. They came second!

West Surreys

These competitions usually run from the end of June through to their finals in September. 2018 draws have recently been sent to participants but are not yet on the WSBA website. Click on the format descriptions below (in green) for the draws.

Singles Eddie Allan

Tony Usher

Simon Fillary

Eddie Allen and Tony Usher did not progress beyond round 1 but Simon Fillary overcame his Chertsey opponent to reach round 2 where he went out to Chris Cooper of Tongham.

Pairs Simon Fillary & Ron Belcher

Graham Liley & Peter Challens

Keith Sutton & David Hart

Geoff Sheldon & David Newton

Eddie Allan & Jeff Harkman

In the first round of the pairs Geoff Sheldon and David Newton went out to Peter Twells and Roger Peaman of Chertsey in a tight contest.

Simon Fillary and Ron Belcher lost to Milford and Eddie Allen and Jeff Harkman conceded their match against Wonersh.

Graham Liley and Peter Challens had a bye into round 2 where they met a duo from Old Dean. And that was the end of their pairs adventure for this year!

Keith Sutton and David Hart overcame a pair from Cranleigh in round 1. In round 2 Alan Mogg temporarily replaced an injured Keith Sutton and Alan and David managed to overcome a strong pair from Camberley on 12 July. In round 3 Keith Sutton returned from injury and he and David had a comfortable win against a pair from Castle Green on 2 August. On 23 August they took on a pair from Old Dean in the quarter finals. They have gone out to this pair in the previous two years, but this time they had a comfortable win when their opponents gave up after just 15 ends.

They played the semi-finals on 1 September at Old Dean against a very strong Old Dean pair. Unfortunately too strong for our duo. But well done for getting through to the last four in this competition.

Triples Graham Liley & Peter Challens & Simon Fillary

Geoff Sheldon & David Newton & Tony Usher

Graham's team went out to a trio from Knaphill in round 1. Geoff's team got a bye into round 2 when Godalming conceded. They had a comfortable win against a trio from Stoke Park on 30 July. On 21 August they played a team at Old Dean in the quarter finals which, unfortunately, brought their campaign to an end.

Harry Mills triples two teams to be drawn

Bowls England Club Two Fours

We drew Egham in the preliminary round and the match took place at Burpham on 20 May. Our teams were;

Graham Liley, David Newton, Ron Belcher and Derek Keen,

Peter Challens, Bert Forrest, Rex Thorpe and Simon Fillary

We won on one rink but lost on the other. The total score was 40 - 33 in Egham's favour who face Camberley in the next round. Better luck next year guys! But we had an opportunity to extract our revenge when we meet Egham in the Tony AlcockTrophy on May 26th.

Tony Alcock Trophy

In this mixed competition we met a team from Egham at Burpham on 26 May. Our two triples team consisted of;

Alan Mogg, Nina Challens, Linda Macbeth and Geoff Sheldon on rink 2, and on rink 3;

Rod Spencer, Barry Macbeth, Shelagh Spencer and Maureen Thomas.

Rink 3 won 19 -15 but rink 2 lost by 21-11 therefore Burpham lost overall by 46 to 30. Egham go on to take on Camberley in the next round.

Harry Mills Double Triples

On Saturday 9 June the B team took on Knaphill in this Bowls England competition. The home triple of Rod Spencer, Rex Thorpe and Geoff Sheldon came out the victors by 4 shots. Unfortunately the away team of Alan Mogg, David Newton and Derek Keen lost by 6 so overall we lost by just 2 shots!

Top Club

On a balmy evening on Sunday 10 June our Top Club team took on West End at West End. I don't think anyone was expecting the green we were faced with. Because of a problem with their irrigation system the green resembled green concrete and was at least as fast as an indoor rink. We competed in 5 disciplines, singles, 2 wood singles, pair, triples and rinks. But by the time most of us had found our line and length on this extraordinary surface the outcome was almost a foregone conclusion. We lost in all 5 disciplines but not by wide margins. So we're getting better at this. Next year!!!!

Surrey County Top Fours Competition

Burpham had two teams in this competition. Both played their first games on Saturday 23 June. Burpham A (Alan Mogg, Barry Macbeth, Geoff Sheldon & Simon Fillary) played West End at home. After leading for most of the match they dropped four on the penultimate end which cost them the match. Burpham B played at Godalming & Farncombe and......????

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