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Burpham A team took on Byfleet on Sunday 25 May. An interesting green but an enjoyable match. But we failed to progress by just 2 points. Peter and Nina Challens with Geoff and Wendy Sheldon AND Alan and Glenda Mogg with David and Carolyn Hart.

Burpham B team played their match against West End on 22 May. Dave Newton stepped in to replace Barry Macbeth at skip because of Barry's bad back. Dave's four won by one but after having a healthy lead Keith's quartet lost by 4. So overall a win for West End.


This year's Surrey Bowling Association's competitions have attracted a good number of Burpham bowlers

Unbadged singles:

Tony Usher

Simon Fillary

Graham Liley

Unfortunately both Graham and Simon had to withdraw from the competition.

Tony lost his first round match against David Shepherd of Milford.


Alan Mogg & Peter Challens

David Hart & Tony Usher

David Newton & Simon Fillary

Ron Belcher & Colin Colbrook

Thursday is pairs day so on 30 May - round 1 deadline day - our intrepid pairs - significantly changed from their original combinations - played their round 1 opponents. The Mogg/Challens combo took on pair from Milford and unfortunately came second. Ron Belcher and Colin Colbrook played a couple from Farnham and after going ahead in the early ends eventually succumbed. Dave Hart and Tony Usher however managed to overcome opponents from Farnham snatching victory by a single point in the final end of the game. The Newton/Fillary duo also found success at Cranleigh in round 2. On 13 June they faced Graham Robinson and partner from Godalming & Farncombe in round 3. Unfortunately a pair too far so this year campaign ended there.

Also in round 2 David Hart and Tony Usher beat the team from Stoke Park. At one down at 20th end they got 2 shots on the 21st end to win the match. Stoke Park had another go at our daring duo (in fact Keith Sutton standing in for David Hart) on 13 June and this time they (the Stoke Park lads) were successful. A good campaign and better luck next year.


Alan Mogg, Dave Newton & Simon Fillary

This campaign was shortlived. After progressing through round 2 our trio went down to a Bramley triple in round 3 on 4 June.


Keith Sutton, Dave Newton, David Hart, Rex Thorpe.

A good win for Keith's team overcoming Camberley in round 1 on 23 May. In round 2 they met an Egham team on 16 June and brushed them aside 20 - 11. In round 4 they met a Chertsey quartet led by Allan Pepper on 17 June. A bridge too far!

Secretaries' Cup:

Keith Sutton

Keith's campaign began with a walk-over in round 1 when his opponent conceded. In round two however Keith met stiffer opposition in the shape of County bowler Mick Carpenter of Bramley. After finding himself facing the exit door at 18 - 3 down Keith managed to turn things around to emerge the winner. Keith then progressed to round 3 where he overcame Eamon O'Flynn of Cranleigh on 12 June. Keith played Tim Davies at Horsell in the semi finals and although getting to 20 - 20 he unfortunately lost out to the last bowl by his opponent.

Club Two Fours

Derek Keen, Geoff Sheldon, Alan Mogg, Peter Challens

David Hart, Rod Spencer, Rex Thorpe, Dave Newton

25 May 2019: Following a confusion over venues and an unseemly dash from Sutherland Park to Godalming we took on eight of Godalming & Farncombe's finest. All was going well and we were cruising to a comfortable victory until the final end when we managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, going down by 1 point overall!

Still, it was a nice sunny morning!

Surrey County Club Top Fours

Burpham A team (Simon Fillary, Geoff Sheldon, Rex Thorpe and Dave Newton) played Old Dean C in the first round of this competition on a dismal evening of 29 May. In a low scoring match we were all square at 17 - 17 after 21 ends. With one bowl remaining Burham were holding 3. With his and the match's, last bowl the Old Dean skip trailed the jack away from our 3 to give them victory by one shot. In a rain delayed match the Burpham B team of Keith Sutton, Colin Colbrook, Alan Hughes and Rod Spemcer travelled to Knaphill on 24 June for their round 2 match. Unfortunately without success.

3 June Mens Top Club

Derek Keen 2 wood singles

Keith Sutton 4 wood singles

Dave Newton and SImon Fillary pairs

Peter Challens, Ron Belcher and David Hart Triples

Alan Mogg, Rex Thorpe, Geoff Sheldon and Colin Colbrook - fours

We entertained a team from Windlesham on a beautiful evening. After making a good start on all rinks we ended up with wins in just the triples and fours so on the wrong end of a 3 - 2 result! Thanks to Linda Macbeth for marking back to back singles matches and to Shelagh Spencer for acting as our efficient and well turned out umpire.



Simon Fillary

Having got a bye through round 1 Simon won his 2nd round tie against John Castle of Tongham, at Tongham on 17 July. In round 3 Simon came up against another Tongham player on 7 August he beat against Keith Wilson of Camberley 21 - 14. In the semi final, played at Old Dean on 7 September, Simon got past Eddie Hawkins of Newdigate to secure a place in the final. There he met Anthony Reynolds of Old Dean at 10am on 14 September at Knaphill BC. Despite a valiant fightback from 9 - 0 down Simon's first attempt at this final stopped here.


Keith Sutton & David Hart

Dave Newton & Simon Fillery

Barry Macbeth & Geoff Sheldon

Colin Colbrook &

Alan Mogg &

Of the 5 pairs entered two have succeeded to round 2; Keith & David and Dave & Simon albeit by default of their opponents. Keith and David beat a pair from Camberley on 18 July. In round 3 on 8 August their progress shuddered to a halt against Tony Clawson and Tony Clark from Old Dean.


Barry Macbeth, Geoff Sheldon and Colin Colbrook

Alan Mogg, David Newton and Simon Fillary

Barry, Geoff and Colin took on a trio from Godalming & Farncombe on 15 July at Burpham but unfortunately came in a fairly distant second. On 16 July we sent the lads round to Godalming to extract revenge. Given matters had become serious Keith Sutton substituted for Alan and so Keith, Simon and Dave posted a solid win which restored Burpham's pride in this comp.

Champion of Champions:

Keith Sutton

Harry Mills Triples

The first of our two fixtures, Burpham B v Woking Park, was played on Friday evening 12 July. The result was a win for Burpham at both venues by a combined margin of 8. Round 3 against Egham took place on Tuesday 30 July. We won on our home turf but lost by a bigger margin at Egham.

Burpham A took on Stoke Park on Saturday 13 July but unfortunately failed to win through.



Nina Challens made an excellent start overcoming her Knaphill opponent in round 1. However her luck ran out in round 2 where she lost out to G Dexter of Knaphill who went on to be the losing finalist on 30 June.


Carolyn Hart made an equally impressive start overcoming Woodbridge Hill's representative in round 1. However the round 2 bogey struck again when Carolyn lost to J Dickens of Egham.


After getting a bye into round 2 Glenda Mogg and Wendy Sheldon overcame a pair from Byfleet and went on to meet Anne Rapley and partner from Windlesham. This brought a halt to our intrepid pair's foray this year.


Team - Maureen Thomas, Nina Challens, and Carolyn Hart

A disappointing start in this competiton by our 2018 champions. They went down to a team from Stoke Park in round 1.


Linda Macbeth, Sue Gorman, Janet Rochester and Nina Challens played their 1st round

against Knaphill. Unfortunately all did not go to plan and they have no further interest in the competition!

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