Fundraising for our clubhouse development update 25 March 2020

Internal fundraising update March 25th 2020

Current fund situation

The fund currently stands at £24,600. This comprises £13,000 allocated by the club and £11,600 raised since then. This will be further boosted by our Gift Aid claims of course.

After the members’ donations (£6,400), the largest contributor was the Guildford Community Lottery. It's amazing to think that we haven't been participating in the lottery for 12 months yet. In that short time 40 of you have bought 76 tickets and generated £1,400 for the club. This is magnificent but please remember that tickets were purchased for one year so in May these will start to expire. In order to maintain this income stream, you will need to purchase replacements. Our target is 80 tickets so there's still plenty of headroom.

The other main contributors were the Ladies’ event (£800), the wine tasting event (£600) and the coffee mornings (£400)/sales table (£400). All magnificent efforts. Well done.

Fund raising planned for 2020

General situation

Further funds would have accrued during the summer from two main sources – sponsorship and events – which have been planned during the winter. Unfortunately these have been impacted the Coronavirus pandemic, but it may still be possible to raise some of this in 2020 and the rest in 2021.


Sponsors pay us money for allowing them to advertise, mostly outside but also in the handbooks, and for events run by the club which publicise them (as well as us).

Outside advertisingWe have recently been having productive discussions with Yeoman's Honda. They wish to advertise outside, but progress has had to be out on hold because of the pandemic. We hope to pick up with then again in due course. Guildford Financial still want to display a banner. Lodge Brothers are considering. Obviously this sort of sponsorship is also along term objective which will help us with the higher running costs of our new lease (once agreed).

Planned events for summer 2020

4 Greens Charity walk

This is John Kershaw's baby and was in advanced planning stage. However it is inevitable that we will need to postpone and rearrange for later in the year, say August or September, when the virus situation improves.

Chelsea Pensioners

Keith and Barbara Sutton's initiative. The visit arrange for July to help celebrate the club's 30 Anniversary is another victim of the pandemic but hopefully will happen in 2021. Our sponsors are aware.

30th anniversary BBQ

We may still be able to run this depending on the virus situation.

So we can report that great progress has been made on the find raising front. While the Covid 19 pandemic has caused a slow down we are confident that we can get our planned events back on track once things get back to normal.

Clubhouse refurbishment fund raising update February 2020

by Alan Hughes

The refurbishment fund - how are we doing? Well, the answer is that we’re doing pretty well. The fund is expected to pass the £25,000 mark very shortly, so we have nearly doubled the amount set aside by the club for the project last May. This is due to the support of members for the various activities that have been arranged and for those who have generously donated to the fund. Of course we have a way to go to reach the £80,000 target but we’re clearly moving in the right direction. You can follow progress on the fund raising board next to the bar in the clubhouse. I will keep you posted during 2020.

Update November 2019 The refurbishment project depends on our success in obtaining grants to cover much of the cost – no grants, no project. However, it does not solely depend on this; it is also dependant on the club’s success in raising money because the providers of the grants will not pay for the total cost. They expect us to put up a substantial portion ourselves. Also they want to see that we are both active and successful in raising funds or they might not provide the grants. All this means that we need to do our best to raise as much as we can. The story so far Fund raising activity started in May with our participation in the Guildford Lottery. So far 37 members have bought tickets and the club will have raised £1900 by the time existing tickets have expired. Thank you to Geoff Sheldon for initiating this and to everyone who has taken part so far and it is hoped that each participant will renew their ticket(s) when they expire next year. However there are still 77 members who have not yet participated and I would like to encourage them to think again about doing so. Half of the cost of the tickets is donated by the lottery to the club so we all benefit from that, it’s very easy to register on our website, but if anyone would like some help, do give me a call. The more of us who participate, the quicker we will achieve our objective. Thanks also to each of the five members who, without being asked, made a personal donation to the fund this year. This is much appreciated. Well done to the ladies who raised over £600 at the cream tea and sale. These and other initiatives have raised a total of £4300 including the money we have yet to receive from the lottery. This supplements the £13,000 allocated by the club to the project, which included the £5,000 Keith Crossman legacy, and is a very encouraging start, but we have a long way to go. What’s next? John Kershaw and I are currently working with our existing sponsors – Lodge Brothers and Seymours – to extend the scope of our sponsorship arrangements. We are also seeking new sponsors. This is something which will not only improve our financial position, it is also something which external grant providers expect us to be doing. I am pleased to announce that we have found a new sponsor. Guildford Financial have agreed to sponsor the club for £700 in 2020 and we hope that this will continue in subsequent years. Guildford Financial is a small firm of financial advisers based in Burpham who specialise in advice for people in later life, which applies to most of us. I hope that we will be welcoming them to the club at some point next year. In the meantime, if anyone is seeking this sort of advice, I would be happy to put them in touch with Guildford Financial. Plans are being made for three important fund raising events next year. They are:- - a wine tasting evening/ploughman’s supper on Thursday March 12th which Bob Hughes will be running. - a charity walk, called the four greens challenge, which John Kershaw is organising to take place on May 31st. - a dinner or BBQ which Catherine and I will be running to take place in July/August. Details of all these, and a date for the latter event, will be announced during the coming months. They are additional to all the usual bowling and social events and I hope that as many of you as possible will support them, and their organisers, and help the club to reach its objective of an improved clubhouse. Their success depends on all of us. The committee have agreed that guests will be welcome at any of these fundraising events. Further updates I will keep you posted as to further developments during the coming months. In the mean time, I and the rest of the fundraising team (Glenda Mogg, Bob Hughes and John Kershaw) are always interested to hear any ideas YOU may have to fill the coffers, particularly things that you could do yourself to raise money, no matter how large or small.

Alan Hughes Internal Fund Raising Co-ordinator

14 November 2019 7 September 2019

As you know we have negotiated adding the "football" changing rooms (currently the mens and away changing rooms) to our new lease. That means we can "re-arrange" the interior of our clubhouse to give our selves a larger clubroom more suited to our needs. Especially for our social evenings and when we have large gatherings during the season.

This is no small undertaking and it is complicated by the need also to bring the buildings utility services up to modern standards. We need to do this because we are a thriving club increasing in size and our club needs more space now for our benefit and the benefit of our members in the future.

We have displayed the plan we believe will meet our needs and is affordable within our resources supplemented by grants we can obtain. This plan doesn't provide everything we would like but it addresses our needs. It has been designed to make it easier to upgrade our facilities in the future as and when we can agree the need and afford to do it.

We have already engaged professional (e.g. an architect, structural engineer and quantity surveyor) and are approaching the time where we will be seeking quotations from building contractors. Your committee and other club members with the necessary expertise have volunteered their time and put in a lot of time and effort to get us to this point.

Affordabiity has always been uppermost in the committee's considerations but there is no doubt that the costs will be substantial, undoubtedly upwards of £50,000.

Your committee is therefore focused on raising the necessary funds by whatever means we can. We hope the bulk of the costs will be provided by grants but no grant provider will put up 100% of the funds needed. So we will be looking for any way, big and small, to raise funds for the redevelopment. To date those include;

  • establishing the club as a "cause" in the Community Lottery

  • introducing a modest charge for tea and biscuits, and

  • we have had promises of donations from some members

  • the Spare Change Pig on the bar

  • Wednesday morning bridge club

  • Plant sale

The lottery is proving a hit. Since May it has paid us £189. We now have 32 members purchasing 65 x £1 tickets each week. Those are set to earn £1,690 a year for good causes and the club gets 50% of that.

The tea charge has caused mixed reactions as we have got used to enjoying free tea and biscuits as a perk for many years. But we need to raise funds as and where we can and the committee hopes that members will accept this as a modest but necessary measure if we are to get the facilities we need. This alone has already raised £120. And where else can you get a cup of tea or coffee for 50p!

As for members donations it is gratifying to know that some members can be so generous in their support of the club.

Altogether these few measures have raised £400 and the redevelopment fund currently stands at £13,400 (24 July 2019)!

Otherwise we will continue to consider fundraising measures, for example we could set up a fundraising page on Just Giving page to make donations that much easier.

Keep checking hear for further news.

22 August 2019

Alan Hughes, our Fund Raising co-ordinator, circulated the following email to members;

"Dear all

You will all be aware of the plans for our much-needed clubhouse improvements. You will also be aware that a lot of work is already being done to apply for grants from various external bodies which it is hoped will cover a large part of the cost. However, in order to achieve success with these applications, the club has to show that it is active and successful in raising funds itself.

The club committee has therefore decided that there is a need for someone to co-ordinate the various initiatives which will need to be taken to raise these funds. I have agreed to take on this role. I am joined by Glenda Mogg and Bob Hughes and we will work together to co-ordinate things.

The precise target amount that we are planning to achieve from the club’s own initiatives is not known yet since the total cost of the improvements is still being determined and we don’t know how much we will receive from external grants. However, from what we do know, it is likely to be at least £12,000. This is to supplement the £13,000 which the committee has already allocated to the project. We will keep you all posted.

The good news is that we have, of course, already started. So far we have raised about £2,000, mostly from the sale of the lottery tickets from which the proceeds will continue to come in during the coming months, but also from the various other activities that have been started recently (50p for tea/coffee, plant sale etc).

So a big thankyou to each of the 34 people who have already bought lottery tickets. Look what you have contributed! To anyone who may be still undecided about joining them, may I encourage you to do so – 50% of your money goes straight to the club. It’s easy to do but anyone needing help can contact me.

That leaves the small matter of finding at least another £10,000. It’s clear that it will need to come from several different initiatives and the team already has some ideas which it is working on. But we need help from each member of the club in two ways.

RIGHT NOW WE NEED YOUR IDEAS ABOUT HOW WE (THAT MEANS ALL OF US!) COULD RAISE THE MONEY. Please would you have a think and let any of the team have your ideas as soon as you can. Every suggestion will be discussed and considered by the team. We will be meeting again towards the end of September.

WE WILL NEED AS MANY MEMBERS AS POSSIBLE TO HELP WITH AND PARTICIPATE IN THE INITIATIVES WHICH ARE PLANNED FOR THE COMING MONTHS. We are fortunate to have such a thriving club. Let’s all get involved in making it even better.

Finally, a plug for the Afternoon Cream Tea event with various stalls being held in the pavilion from 2pm to 5pm on Tuesday 27th August. Several of our ladies have organised this to raise money for the fund and would love to see you there – a date for your diary.

If you have any queries , please email Alan Hughes at:-

Alan Hughes"

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