23 October 2019

The project is proceeding and Building Regulations approval has been granted for the changes illustrated in the plan displayed in the clubhouse. A number of remedial works need to be done to the building to bring it up to current standards. Those are the responsibility of the council and most need to be completed before our project starts. Some may be incorporated within our project.

When works start is also dependent on fundraising, in particular on securing sufficient grant aid. It is a rule of grant providers that work to be grant aided must not begin before a grant decision has been made. We have applied for a number of grants and these are still in progress but indications are positive. The outcome of all of our applications will not be known until the new year so that will have a direct bearing on when the works can start. If the works cannot be completed before the start of next season then they will be have to be delayed until the close season in 2020. Thanks are due to for efforts of the redevelopment sub-committee (Alan Mogg, Barry Macbeth and Geoff Sheldon); to Ian Mackrell for the immense amount of time and effort he has put in on grant applications, and to David Hart and Adrienne Hughes for their considerable and essential technical input.

6 June 2019

So what's been happening since the EGM? Well the redevelopment sub committee has been investigating a lot of different plan options and considering suggestions from members. The objective is to settle on a plan that satisfies as many of the requirements we have identified as possible, is technically feasible, and can be done at a cost we can afford. Achieving that balance is no easy process and involves quite a bit of iteration.

We have engaged an architect to draw up scaled plans and we will require a structural surveyor to advise us on the technically feasibilty of what we want . We will also need to get Building Regs approval and the agreement of the Council. A professionally drawn up specification will then be needed so that we can invite cost quotations from the building trade. We have also begun to investigate the availability of grants, a process that is complex, drawn out, requires a lot of work and effort. We have also begun to look at other fund raising opportunities. Those range from becoming a supported cause in the Guildford Community Lottery, to charging a token 50p for cups of tea and coffee (and where else can you get a cuppa so cheaply!). Thanks to members participation in the lottery we are heading towards ticket sales generating new revenue of almost £2,000 a year for the club.

So the sub committee, and some members, have spent a lot of time and effort on this and hopefully will be in a position to produce a recommended and costed plan in the not too distant future. But still a lot of work to be done and a fair way to go.

24 April 2019

The EGM to approve the decision to proceed with the new lease for the extended premises went ahead on 18 April. 53 members attended and the motion to proceed was agreed but with some queries about how the extended area has been measured, because that was the basis of calculating the additional rent.

We have signed the Heads of Terms (the document that describes what he lease will be) but that doesn't legally commit the club to the new lease.

The next stage is to involve professionals to draw up plans for the extended clubhouse which will be submitted for Building Regulations approval. If we can't settle upon a satisfactory plan that meets the objectives of additional clubroom space that we need, we will have to consider the the way forward.

We will also have the plans costed so that we know what funds we need to raise and to proceed with grant applications. Grant applications will take some months so it's unlikely that any building work will start before the 2020 close season.

22 Jan 2019

As you know your committee has been negotiating our new lease with Guildford Council for some time now. Well, there is now light at the end of the tunnel. After discussions with the football club the council has now agreed that we can take over the two changing rooms and shower room on the east side of the clubhouse.

So the committee is in the process of initiating a project to develop this extra space in a way which best serves the needs of the club. That will effect the rest of the clubhouse and involve major changes to its layout. A major change will be absorbing the current ladies changing room into the main body of the club.

This will not be an inexpensive project so the committee is also starting to investigate the availability of grants and loans.

The cttee intends that every club member should have the opportunity to see and have a say about the design of the extended clubhouse before it is finalised. But there's no time to waste so to get things underway promptly the committee has invited a small group to come up with a list of requirements. Those will then be presented in the form of drawings to scale. When we get that down to a managable number of plan options, no more than 2 or 3, members will be invited to see and discuss them.

Another way to get involved is to let us have any thoughts you have on how best we should take advantage of the extra space. What should our priorities be? How should we best utilise the additional space the two changing rooms and shower room provide? What facilities do we need that we don't have now? How can we improve say the bar or the kitchen? Etc etc etc. Whatever ideas you have please pass them to our ideas group via Janet Rochester. When that group has compiled a list of requirements and ideas it will pass those to an implementation group headed up by Peter Challens. Peter and his team will work with a professional designer to produce a plan or two or three plans showing possible different arrangements. Those will be costed so that we can see how it fits with our budget.

When we have reached that point we will submit the plan for council approval. insert something here about grants and inviting tenders.

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