New honours boards

Our much loved honours boards are now full up. So we need to find a way forward to display the historic record and future honours.

We had a lively discussion at the opening meeting and there were impassioned arguments for retaining the current boards. However that is neither possible nor practical because we need the space they occupy for future honours displays. Also the traditional honours boards are expensive to maintain because of the costs of sign-writing.

The replacement historic records that have been on display in the club-room for a few weeks have been criticised for the difficulties people have had reading the print. Those have now been replaced with with bigger print versions.

I have been recording the different methods that other clubs have adopted. That style of honours board has been adopted by a number of local clubs and the committee has been looking closely at the Knaphill Club's. We would also display photographs of our old boards.

I have provided a link here to a collection of photos I took throughout last season click here to see photos.

I first announced this project at the 2017 opening meeting so although it's a bit late in the day if you have any constructive thoughts on this matter please contact me.

We are also interested to update the display of past presidents so any suggestions there would also be of interest.

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