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Ladies external comps 2018

Knaphill Sapphire league Finals

Although this is a mixed league running alongside the men's West Surrey League we largely consider it a domain for the ladies. So all credit to the ladies for topping Division 2. Their reward was a place in the semi-finals at Knaphill on 2 September. The other semi-finalists were Byfleet, Div 2 runners up, and Knaphill and Mytchett, winners and runners up respectively of division 1.

Burpham were drawn against Mytchett in their semi-final. Although two of our three triples won we lost 3 - 2 because of our inferior total points score. Our teams were; Maureen Thomas, Wendy Sheldon and Sue Gorman; Nina Challens, Glenda Mogg and Carolyn Hart; Margaret Baigent, Jan Cory and Linda Macbeth.

West Surrey Ladies Triples

In this mysterious league (still run with quill pen and carrier pigeon!) our ladies Nina Challens, Maureen Thomas and Carolyn Hart have been

quietly progressing through the rounds until eventually finding themselves in the final. That took place on Saturday 18 August at Knaphill BC against a trio from Horsell. Our correspondent reports that both teams played good quality bowls but our ladies came out on top. Congratulations ladies!

Almost equally mysterious is the West Surrey Ladies league. Another league that can be found nowhere on the interweb! But I've tracked it down. Led by Ladies Captain Maureen our ladies have completed their 9 match campaign in Zone A,. They won 7 of those and finished a creditable second behind Milford. So well done ladies!

The ladies once again have a strong presence in the Surrey Ladies competitions. (click here for draws)

Champion of champions

Carolyn Hart

Pairs Margaret Baigent and Sue Bickley

Nina Challens and Linda Macbeth

Barbara Sutton and Carolyn Hart

Triples Margaret Baigent, Sue Bickley, Sue Gorman

Nina Challens, Shelagh Spencer, ??

Maureen Thomas, Janet Rochester, Linda Macbeth

Wendy Sheldon,Ruth Milsom and Carolyn Hart


Nina Challens, Linda Macbeth, Carolyn Hart, Glenda Mogg

Maureen Thomas, Janet Rochester, Jan Cory, ??

Wendy Sheldon, Barbara Sutton, Barbara Hopkinson, Sue Bickley.

Benevolent Triple

Maureen Thomas, ??, ??

Margaret Baigent, ??, ??

In the Pairs, Margaret and Sue overcame Mytchett in round 1 but went out to a strong Knaphill pair in the next round. Nina and Linda got a bye through to round 2 where they beat a pair from Windesham, but went out to a Milford team in round 3. Barbara and Carolyn went out to Egham in round 1.

In the Triples Maureen's trio played Stoke Park on 9 May but lost 17 - 13. Nina's team team beat West Byfleet on the same date but went out to an Egham team on 23 May. Margaret's team lost to Woking Park in round 1. Wendy's teams' first round opponents (Tongham) withdrew giving them a bye to to next round where the met a trio from Milford on 30 May and unfortunately lost.

In the Fours competition Nina's team met an extremely strong Egham team on 31 May. With three international players the result was predictable! Maureen Thomas's team conceded their round 1 match against Windlesham. Wendy Sheldon's team's match against Tongham was postponed due to adverse weather but took place on 6 June. They won and went on to meet Windlesham on 7 June. Windlesham were a strong team and unfortunately brought Wendy's run to an end.

Top Club

On 20 May the ladies played their Top Club match against Knaphill. Carolyn Hart played the singles match and Nina Challens and Linda Macbeth the pairs. Margaret Baigent, Wendy Sheldon and Sue Bickely played the triples and Maureen Thomas, Shelagh Spencer, Ruth Milsom and Jan Cory the fours. The match went to the wire and Burpham had an overall lead of 3 when starting the last end of the triples match. Unfortunately Knaphill scored 4 in the last end of the triples to win the match by just 1. Match score was Knaphill 71 Burpham 70.

Tony Allcock Trophy

In this mixed competition we met a team from Egham at Burpham on 26 May. Our two triples team consisted of;

Alan Mogg, Nia Challens, Linda Macbeth and Geoff Sheldon on rink 2, and on rink 3;

Rod Spencer, Barry Macbeth, Shelagh Spencer and Maureen Thomas.

Rink 3 won 19 -15 but rink 2 lost by 21-11 therefore Burpham lost overall by 46 to 30. Egham go on to take on Camberley in the next round.

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