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Recruitment Day 23 April

Our recruitment drive kicked off on Sunday 23 April. Thorough groundwork - roadside banners, and a day of promotion and handing our leaflets outside Sainsbury's the previous Saturday, finally bore fruit on Sunday. These efforts were led energetically by Keith Sutton, who did a 10 hour stint at Sainsbury's, and did not go unrewarded. We also managed to get a short piece in the Surrey Ad in the previous Friday's issue (thanks Ian). There was a steady stream of people turning up to have a go between 10am and 4pm on the Sunday and our three coaches and their helpers hardly drew breath! Fourteen new members were signed up and others expressed genuine interest in taking the game up. More pictures on the home page. A fitting way to mark our patron saint's day and Shakespeare's birthday. Well done everyone involved! More opportunities for folk to have a go on the next few Mondays.

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